The Dental Creed Established

Respect my profession, myself, and my reputation. To be fair and honest to my patients as I would expect them to be fair and honest to me in return; to speak of Dentistry with praise; to think of dentistry with loyalty, and to be an able custodian of the good name it has. Be a gentleman of his words for my fellow citizens; to never be knocker but a booster; to never be a kicker but a pusher; to never a clog but a motor.

To underpin my expectation of compensation on a firm foundation of service rendering; to be willing to provide honest effort; to consider my work as a rare opportunity to be seized with joy and to capitalize it; and not a painful task to endure.

To keep in mind that all the success lies within me; in my own ambition, my own brain, my own determination, and my own courage. To always expect difficulties and strive to overcome them. To convert daunting experiences into future struggles or capital.

To believe in my proposition wholeheartedly; to carry an aura of optimism into the presence of potential patients; to dispel thoughts and actions of temper anger with cheerfulness; to negate active friction with an agreeable personality and extinguish doubts with strong convictions.

To study the business side and the professional sides of dentistry; to attain an intricate understanding of both sides. To mix intellect and effort; to use methods and systems in my work; to make good use of time doing everything needful; to never waste time.

To use every hour to bring me gain in increased knowledge, fees, or heartfelt recreation. To earn money and to save it; to be shrewd with money; to keep expensive amusements at bay until I can sustain them.

Finally, to joy in life’s journey; to play and enjoy the game as gentlemen do; to fight weaknesses in me far more than anything else; to always seek personal growth as a man and as a dentist as time passes.

Preserving the Dental Creed

In recent years I’ve been seeing more and more dental office’s offering cheap dental check-ups in order to get patients in the door and then sell them on unnecessary treatments.

I have done my best to educate my patients on these often misleading tactics, but every so often I end up with a visit from a patient to fix the mess that another dentist performed.

Now, I’m not bashing every dentist that offers enticing specials, more so the dentists that are taking advantage of people to make up for the lost revenue by offering cheap “intro level” services.

I think we would do well to remember who we are and the promises and commitments we made to each of our patients the moment we took an oath to always look for the best option for the health of each of our patients.

I’m going to continue to continue to write from time to time and share my experiences and lessons that I’ve learned over the years.

I do hope that you’ll read what I have to say.