What Are Some Causes Of Bad Breath?

If you are one of the many people that suffer from halitosis, you are not alone. Bad breath is something that can be caused by a variety of factors. Therefore, it can be difficult to pinpoint what is directly causing your own. In this article, we will go over some of the different causes of bad breath.

What Are Some Causes Of Bad Breath:

1. Tonsils.

One of the main causes of bad breath in a lot of people has a direct correlation with the tonsils. Those that suffer from tonsil stones are going to experience bad breath as a direct result.

Your tonsils are situated at the back of your throat and they are used as a first defense for minimizing bacteria entry into the throat.

Tonsils, unfortunately, can become infected when there is an overgrowth of bacteria and it can result in an infection of the throat. However, other issues can crop up when various things get caught in the wrinkles of the tonsils which can end up hardening and becoming stones. This can directly result in bad breath due to having infections of the tonsils.

The best way to reduce tonsil stones is by gargling salt water and various mouthwashes.

2. Sinus Drainage.

Another issue that could result in bad breath is directly related to sinus drainage. Those that experience a lot of sinus drainage are likely to experience bad breath at some point because the drainage of the infection in your nasal cavities can cause the infection to enter your mouth.

This can result in bad smelling breath, but it can also negatively impact your taste. If you are suffering from sinus drainage, you will likely experience thick mucus coming down your nasal cavities.

3. Medications.

Another common cause of bad breath can be a direct result of taking various medications.

There are all kinds of medications that you might be taking that can have a direct impact on your breath. Some of the most significant medications that might directly impact your breath are asthma medications, anxiety medications, and even antibiotics. All of these medications can have direct impacts on your breath because they can minimize saliva production and do other things that can worsen your breath.

4. Not Eating Or Drinking.

Another big cause of bad breath might be due to fasting.

If you are someone that doesn’t eat throughout the day and/or who doesn’t drink enough water, you might be suffering from bad breath as a direct result of it.

Having a dry mouth is going to lead to bad smelling breath because it allows bacteria to thrive.

Saliva is meant to help minimize bacteria growth and to wash away harmful bacteria that smells. Therefore, the drier your mouth is, the more your breath is likely to smell.

5. Foods.

Another big thing that can result in bad breath would be various foods that you might be eating. Foods with a strong sulfur type of odor like onions are going to make your breath smell bad.

Along with this, any food with a lot of garlic is going to make your breath smell like garlic.

Therefore, the foods that you consume can have a direct impact on your breath.

Overall, there are a lot of different things that can impact your breath. Your breath can be a good indicator of your health because bad smelling breath can be an indication of various diseases or health problems. Therefore, you want to get checked if you are experiencing chronic bad breath.

However, it could just as easily be caused by something that you eat and/or medications that you might be taking.

10 Qualities Patients Look For In A Dental Practice

Dental practitioners often have a misconception regarding what their patients really want from them and their practice which could negatively impact the success of the practice. Research shows that there are some common and important qualities that patients look for in a dental practice.

The reality is that some dentists are meeting their patient’s basic needs but aren’t necessarily looking at improving their dental practice in order to ensure that a patient returns or even recommends their practice to others. Here are the top 10 factors that patients consider in selecting and staying with a specific dental practice:

1. Beverages

At a minimum, having a water cooler in the waiting area is important. Installing a coffee and tea dispenser like a Keurig machine is even better. It adds a nice touch to the waiting area and can be used by patients both before and after a consultation.

2. Reading Material

Although most people have their eyes glued to their mobile devices these days, they still look for good reading material in the waiting room. Different people like to read different types of magazines and newspapers so cover all the basis by subscribing to a few popular names.

3. Time Management

There is nothing more irritating for a patient than having to waste time in your waiting area. Some basic time management skills applied to appointment scheduling should ensure that the practice always runs on time unless there has been an emergency or a procedure has become complicated. And if there is going to be a delay, simply send your patients a text or give them a call giving them an idea of how long they may have to wait.

4. Service With A Smile

Send your front office staff, dental assistants and other employees on a customer service course to improve the overall impression of your practice as well as the manner in which your patients are treated. A smile, friendly demeanor and taking a little time to ensure that each patient feels special may seem silly but is actually very important to the patients.

5. Office Atmosphere

The way in which the dentist addresses and speaks to their staff can create a positive or negative environment. Watch your tone of voice and treat your staff with respect and patience. Your patients shouldn’t be subjected to a shouting match between you and your dental assistant or other employees.

6. Bedside Manner

No, it isn’t just doctors who require a good bedside manner. Be warm, friendly, understanding and take a little time to chat with your patients. Treat each person as an individual and make them feel like they are important to your practice. Keep in mind that most people don’t look forward to a visit to the dentist and definitely don’t want to be treated badly when they get there.

7. Explain Procedures

Whether it is a simple dental consultation or complicated procedure, take a few minutes to explain to the patient what they should expect. This can go a long way towards alleviating their fear of pain and the unknown.

8. The Bottom Line

Don’t see your patients only as a means to increase your profits. Don’t recommend unnecessary treatments and procedures just to make an extra dollar.

9. Follow Up

How often have you told a patient that you will give them a call and never do? How many patients have left your office after a bad experience never to return? Take time in the evenings to make a few follow-up calls to your patients and score some extra points.

10. The Dentist

Last, but by no means least, professionalism is absolutely essential in every dental practice. Exude an air of confidence in your abilities and always refer a patient to a specialist when a specific case exceeds your skill set. Always put the needs of the patient first.

Scrutinize your practice and see which of the above factors can be implemented to provide your patients with a better overall experience. Having the latest equipment in your practice and providing a comprehensive service may be of importance but taking care of the small stuff can make your practice stand out from the crowd.

If you’re a patient looking for the best dentist in Jacksonville I would definitely recommend Farnham Dentist. They are a dentist in 32223 and follow these suggestions and even more. I would definitely recommend checking them out!