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Muskegon Area Sustainability Coalition

Meeting today's needs ~ Ensuring tomorrow's too are met

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We have not inherited the earth from our ancestors, we have only borrowed it from our children.
Muskegon Area Sustainability Coalition (MASC)
Following the example of leading communities elsewhere, and with a growing awareness of the importance of the principle of Sustainability in planning for the future of the Muskegon area, the participating members of the Muskegon Area Sustainability Coalition (MASC) come together as a body of community leaders with a common goal of advancing the principles of Sustainability throughout Muskegon County.



 To Read and Download

MASC Vision 2020 and Sustainability Principles

Energy Efficiency Briefing presented by MASC - January 9, 2014

(download presentations here)

Social Equity is an important part of the 3x bottom line of sustainability.

Click here  for a presentation on the Department of Human Services

Support Programs for Individuals and Families.


April 20-26, 2014

Join us for the 3rd annual Muskegon
Area Earth Week! It will be a wonderful
week filled with events that educate,
inspire and encourage acts for change
that benefit our community and our earth.
Plans include Creation Care Day,
Environmental & Sustainability Awards,
workshops, a film festival, 
Earth Fair 
and more; c
lick here for more information.



What Is Sustainability?

  • Achieving prosperity and community success without sacrificing the resources and assets of future generations.
  • Balancing the core values of
    • Social Equity
    • Economic Prosperity
    • Environmental Integrity
  • Referred to as the 'triple bottom line'
  • Recognized pathway to community success.


A Shared Vision


To achieve the shared vision of a sustainable and prosperous Muskegon area, the goals adopted by the MASC are:
  1. Establish a guiding framework for sustainability.
  2. Improve coordination between public and private sectors.
  3. Increase involvement from key government and business leaders
  4. Implement a strategy to gather data, monitor progress, and ensure continued improvements.
  5. Promote sustainability goals and report on the success that we currently enjoy
  6. Identify and educate others regarding sustainability best practices
  7. Evaluate effectiveness of our sustainability programs and initiatives.

Ultimately, by accomplishing these and other yet to be identified objectives, the outcomes will be:

  1. Economic success for the entire region.
  2. Protected air and water quality.
  3. High quality wildlife habitats and natural areas.
  4. Increased access to recreational resources by all residents.
  5. Reduced crime and safer neighborhoods.
  6. Increased and sustainable employment.
  7. Efficient transportation systems.
  8. Affordable housing for all Muskegon area residents.
  9. C
    onservation of energy and non-renewable resources.

Muskegon Area Sustainability Coalition
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