10 Attributes Of A Thriving Dentist Practicing Fee-For-Service Dentistry – Part 2

This is the second part to our 10 attributes to a thriving dental practice.

6. Their Practice is Structured for Success

They appreciate that success is a continuous circle that can break if not maintained. As such, thriving dentists have clear goals that act as their guide, and they run their practice in a well-structured system. Uncertainty is the last thing to expect in their practice.

‘I am not sure,’ is vocabulary you are less likely to hear when consulting with a staff in a thriving dentistry practice. Predictability is something common in every aspect of running the business, from the business operations to the technical dental procedures. Everyone knows what is expected and what to do, thus building a deep sense of fulfillment in the clients.

7. They Know Dentistry is 49% Technical And 51% Business

Knowing how to do a particular dental operation does not imply that you run a successful ship. Thriving dentists know that money fuels the operations of their business, and that much of their practice is business.

The primary goal for them is not to have surplus cash to use but to have enough for the growth of the business. Thriving dentists hunger to know the best and most successful business models and practices and thus can venture successfully into other professions without having to worry.

8. They Are Excellent Communicators

They have lifelong relationships that are of relevance from a personal and professional aspect. In short, they establish relationships in their practice and their personal lives. It is a thing that stems from the desire to have an active communication that has more listening and less preaching.

It is common to find thriving dental practices to have a dentist that talks much, though the dentist will have to talk to his or her patients. Most thriving dentists exude peculiar confidence and have a posture that sparks some level of trust and likability. In as much as silence and listening are their virtue, they are never shy of talking with patients to help them feel excited about treatment and what to expect. Conversely, the patients influence the quality of the treatment plans rather than the dentist and his or her team.

9. They Look The Part

For most thriving dentists, their image is a brand and are aware how they project their practice. If you want success, then you have to look the part; that is what patients expect to see in the practice. The dentist and his or her team will walk the talk, dressing and conduct themselves how the patients would expect and this extends to the aesthetics and setup of the dental facility which is located in an ideal place.

People are often quick to create an image of who a person is based on what they hear and see. As such, the dentist will strive to exceed the standards of how others perceive even the business. The standards are set as per the dentists’ vision so that the right inclinations are birthed even when people judge a book by its covers, which is a norm.

Understand that ‘looking the part’ is never a constant thing, changes are necessary and they are in line with the need to stay relevant and current with the latest trends that usher success. Therefore, as the practice expands the dentist also understand that the expectations of the patients also grow exponentially and the business’ image should reflect this to the tee.

10. They Market Their Business

Marketing is a continuous cycle and never just an external thing; it is about every other things the practice has to offer the public. From prepping the patients for treatment to the equipment and methods used as well as internal operations; everything is a projection of their brand, and that brand is what stands out as their marketing tool.

If it is online marketing, thriving dentists understand the need of having a good online presence and its significance. They invest in top-notch websites and will ensure all their information is correct. The offline marketing efforts will include the full support and input of the staff. The dentists see the impact such things have on their marketing campaign and strive to maintain so that they can speak to a particular market demographic.

What is your perception now about dentistry as a profession? Thriving or starving is all a matter of choices and beliefs. Work hard toward achieving that which you envision, and it will come to pass, all that is needed is persistence and discipline.

So, Have You Chosen To Thrive?

If you are starving and the information above has shed some light on things you did not know, then put what you have read into practice. You can have come across some things that you cannot do, some that you have done, and those that you need to do. Your tomorrow is determined by what you do today; the future may not be entirely predictable with chances that it may be a slightly or significantly different from what you have and where you are now.